Are you Vegan? Maybe you’re just trying to integrate #meatlessmonday into your routine? We know how hard it can be to get fun, great tasting Vegan food at a non-Vegan restaurant. Lucky for you, at Garage Kitchen + Bar we have some amazing new plant-based menu items that even the biggest meat-lover can enjoy!

It’s “suns out buns out” time! So far, we’ve got some great feedback on our Vegan Burger! If you haven’t had the chance to try it, here’s the low-down:


The Vegan Burger

We use the ultimate “Beyond” meatless patty, grilled to perfection just like a good old American burger, with the perfect balance of veganaise and Harissa ketchup as well as the classics: lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion.

This juicy ” Vegan Burger” is served on a potato bun with thick cut fries!
A great classic meal everyone knows and loves, but with an amazing “meatless” vegan-friendly filling instead!
And now there’s even more Vegan love to go around!


Mediterranean Hummus $13*

Our Mediterranean Hummus platter is a light appetizer perfect for splitting before your entrée! A great starter with crispy pita chips, pickled and fresh seasonal vegetables…and the star of the show: our made-from-scratch roasted red pepper hummus!
This fresh, unique “Meditteranean Hummus” plate offers a variety of colors, flavors, and texture! It has a little spice, tanginess, and enough pita chips to go around!
*You can get this appetizer 51% off during Happy Hour every day from 4-7pm!




Sweet and Sour Tempura Cauliflower $16


A plant-based version of one of your favorite take-out dishes. This plate will entice your palate in a whole new way and is guaranteed to satisfy those sweet and sour cravings! Our savory cauliflower is tossed over sesame brown rice and a seasonal vegetable stir-fry. The dish is topped with fresh avocado and crispy sesame seeds.
Our vegan “Sweet and Sour Tempura Cauliflower is something you can indulge in guilt-free!

Try all of these dishes during DINNER 3pm-close every night!
Our Vegan Burger is also available during BLUNCH Mon-Friday 11am-3pm!